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Reedy River Showdown
Greenville, SC


JUNE 14 - 15

Reedy River Showdown

​General Rules

  • Refs keep game time and penalty time

  • Table keeps score and if multiple penalties can assist with penalty time

  • Games will start every 50 minutes

Saturday Rules (Pool Play)

  •  (2) 21 minutes halves

  • 3 minute halftime

  • 3 game guarantee  Set Schedule

  • 1 Timeout per game

  • Overtime = Braveheart

    • ​Braveheart is 3v3 (not including goalie)

Sunday Rules (Playoffs)

  •  (2) 21 minutes halves

  • 3 minute halftime

  • 1 Timeout per game

  • The clock will stop. Timeout does NOT roll over to OT.  No timeouts in OT

  • Timeout can be called when the team calling the timeout is in possession of the ball, anywhere on the field

  • Overtime = Regular format (first team to scores, wins)


Game schedule to be released 4 weeks before event

For Travel Purposes, teams should be prepared to play by 8 am on Saturday and Sunday. Games will end on Sunday by 4:00 PM. Please book travel accordingly!

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